What I Packed For My Quick Trip To The Beach

I’m on the road again, and I can absolutely not wait to get my feet in the sand!! It’s no surprise around here that I LOVE the beach. It is for sure my happy place, and I’m so glad to be soaking up the sun for a few days! Even though this trip is a lot of business (wedding planning for Brianna and T, my brother), I’m hoping we get to have fun too!!

AND my absolute favorite thing is all the yummy food!! We are definitely going to hit up our fav restaurant, and I will be putting together a round-up of all we did during our trip so stay tuned for that!!

I asked if y’all would want to know what all I’m packing for this speedy trip and the polls were 100% YES!!! So I’m happy to share what’s in my bag for this trip!

1// Sweaters/Sweatshirts

Because it is early March, Florida is still on the chilly side. And because I absolutely HATE being cold, I was sure to pack enough light sweaters and sweatshirts. Below I’ve linked some of my favs:
This sweatshirt and this sweater would be perfect for those chilly nights at the beach!! This Good Vibes sweatshirt would be the best shopping day outfit!!

2// Basic Tees

Basic tees are a total must for me when I travel anywhere. They are so easy to just throw on to go grab lunch, or even a comfy shopping day! Here a few of my favorite basic tees that are traveling to the beach with me this weekend!
This striped tee is perfect to be comfy or cute!! The possibilities are endless with this one!! When traveling, everyone need a basic white tee, and this one is my absolute favorite!! Perfect for traveling!!

3// Denim

When traveling to the beach this time of the year, it could definitely be pretty chilly, but if the sun is out, it could be warm as well. So I packed denim shorts, and just regular denim. I also packed my favorite pair of white denim. These denim cut offs have been my favorite for a few years, and a total must when heading to the beach. I also love this white denim!! White denim is perfect for any beach look!! This pair of denim are a total must when traveling to the beach!!

4// Swimmies and flippies

ya just can’t go to the beach without a swimsuit. I do not care if it was snowing at the beach, I would still pack one!! Here is the top of my favorite so far this season, and here are the bottoms! I absolutely LOVE this suit, and can not wait to be soaking up the sun while wearing this little number!! Check out this blog post of my other swimsuit picks this season!! So just like swimsuits, ya just can’t go to the beach without flip-flops!! These Tory Burch Flip Flops are my definite must have when walking down to the beach!! love these so much, and they come in so many patterns

5// Sunnies

I am for sure a sunglasses wearing gal, but I defiantly am when im at the beach, and my must have sunnies can be found here !!!

sweatshirt // sweater // Good Vibes sweatshirt // striped basic tee // basic white tee // denim cut offs // white denim // denim // swim suit top and swimsuit bottoms // Troy Burch flip-flops // sunglasses



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