The Cozy Girls Guide To Survive The Winter

If your like me at all you love winter, but ya need some help to getcha through it! With the nights being so long its easy to get in a slump during the cold months, but I think I’ve got a few must haves to get your through the super cold days, and the super super long winter nights!

1// BEANIE–gotta have you a good beanie to get you through these cold days!
2// SCARF–you cant leave the house without a super thick scarf to bundle up with! this is a good one!!
3//LEOPARD HOUSE SHOES— these will keep your feet while lounging around the house! AND they are super cute
4//UGG SLIPPERS— these slippers are great for around the house wear OR out running errands. Ive been living in these babies!
5//CANDLE— during the winter, Ive gotta have a candle. they make any room comfy and cozy!
6//SOCKS— I am constantly putting a pair of comfy socks on during the cold days and nights. these are perfect!!
7// COFFEE MUG— You can never have enough coffee to get you through the cold days!! having a cute mug make the cold days so much easier to suffer through!!
8// BLANKET— this one is a no brainer!! this blanket is the softest thing ever, and will totally keep you warm during the cold nights watching tv!
9//PULLOVER— you cant go wrong with a pullover to keep you toasty warm! Im loving this one. Not to thick, but deff perfect for cold weather!
10// LEGGINGS— these leggings are SO soft and perfect to keep you warm! I have worn them so much lately!! great for laying around bundled up on the couch!!

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